Notations From the Social Grid (Weekly Edition): On the State of the Earth

  Key learnings from the new State of the Earth report Between Earth Day last Friday and Arbor Day on April 29, the last full week of April has many opportunities for Americans to reflect on the environment. The  third-annual State of the Earth report is here  to aid in that. This new report features data from government agencies responsible for safeguarding and measuring the nation's air, land, and water conservation, and energy production. What do the numbers say? Here's a preview:   Last year, Mississippi and Massachusetts had 10+ inches of precipitation above their 20th century averages. Meanwhile, Montana and Oregon had the largest drops in average annual precipitation.   The federal government owned 28% of American land as of 2018, down 5% since 1990. Transportation has been the largest source of emissions since 2017. Electricity generation and transportation create more than half of all US emissions, almost entirely through carbon dioxide-producing fossil fuel combustion

Notations From the Social Grid (Weekly Edition): @FEMA Speaks

    Week of April 19, 2022 View as Webpage  |  Subscribe   In this Edition: FEMA Announces Equity Action Plan FEMA Updates State and Local Mitigation Planning Policy Guides FEMA Provides Over $400M to Emergency Managers Upcoming Deadlines and Reminders Important Deadlines & Reminders Webinar on the Emergency Management Guide for Senior Officials  at 1 p.m. ET. Nonprofit Security Grant Program webinar  at 9 a.m. ET.  FEMA Announces Equity Action Plan   FEMA is pleased to announce the publication of its  first agency-wide equity plan.  The plan was initiated by the Biden-Harris administration’s whole-of-government equity agenda. FEMA’s plan outlines how our agency has, and will continue to, integrate equity into our programs.   “We’re turning a page at FEMA and infusing equity throughout our agency, programs and policies to better serve people who face unique barriers before, during and after disasters,” said FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell.   In the last year, FEMA has taken conc