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Notations From the Social Grid (Weekly Edition): #RandomThoughts Courtesy the Team @TheDailyStoic

 : It is a pleasure to present the following:    We spend so much time on stuff that doesn’t matter, that we don’t even like. Maybe it’s a job or a commute to that job. Maybe it’s doom scrolling on our phone, answering emails. Maybe it’s arguing with a spouse, maybe it’s arguing with strangers on the internet. You know the kind of stuff that you just kinda get sucked into. You hate it but you let it fill up so much of your life.  Marcus Aurelius , frustrated with some obnoxious thing that was consuming his days, once asked himself. “You’re afraid of death,” he said, “because you won’t be able to do  this  anymore?” That’s the thing about memento mori. It’s so clarifying. If you had unlimited time, maybe you wouldn’t mind spending two hours a day in traffic. Maybe you wouldn’t need to steer clear of the cesspool of Twitter or the endlessness of your inbox. If suddenly death was real to you--if you were given a few months or years to live--what would you immediately spend less time doing

Notations From the Social Grid (Weekly Edition): Updates from @FEMA

    In This Issue: Hazard Mitigation Assistance 2021 Year in Review Now Online 2022 Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Webinar Series FEMA Memo Expands Use of Pre-Calculated Benefits for Project Cost Analysis of Repetitive Loss Properties FEMA Publishes Data on Flood Insurance Rating Methodology Flooding After Fire May Be More Severe FEMA Grants Management System to Use New Identifier Mitigation Training Updates Hazard Mitigation Assistance 2021 Year in Review Now Online FEMA’s  Hazard Mitigation Assistance 2021 Year in Review  is now available.    The report provides an overview of activities and accomplishments and highlights success stories. The report is aligned with the agency’s  Hazard Mitigation Assistance Strategic Framework for Fiscal Year 2022-23 .   Additional year in review highlights, include:   Information on reducing risk through the delivery of mitigation programs. This section provides data and information about the Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities progra


  We present this across all our platforms to #StandWithUkraine courtesy the team at Global Citizen:  Mike,   In  today’s exclusive , President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says educational centers and healthcare centers for women and children are being targeted by Russia. WATCH NOW Watch, share, and take action by  calling on companies to donate medical supplies . Global Citizens everywhere can stand up for all people impacted by the invasion of Ukraine. Learn more about how you can  help here . - Global Citizen

Notations From the Social Grid (Special Sunday Edition): Joining Sting's Call to Action to #StandWithUkraine

As we all #StandWithUkraine, it is an honor to share this call to action by the great Sting on all our platforms.