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Notations On Our World (Special Edition): On the War Between Israel and Gaza

  As the War Between Israel and Gaza rages on,  our team decided to feature this analysis from the  Coop Scoop that we hereby present throughout all our properties: Coop Scoop: Israel --and the World-- on the Brink Israel has plenty to criticize. None of it justifies Hamas' mass slaughter   October 10 By Marc Cooper Criticize and condemn Israel as you please.  Denounce its 50 year long occupation of Palestinian territory. Its institutional subjugation of Palestinian and other Arab citizens as a  second class caste.  Call it an apartheid state.  Detest the supremely corrupt and always bellicose Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Condemn his ultra-right and racist administration packed with some individuals as religiously zealous, as extreme and as bent on conflict as much as any Jihadist. All of the above criticism and much much more can rightfully be placed at the feet of the Israeli regime.   But none of it serves to justify, rationalize, downplay or, God Forbid, support the actio

On Our "Virtual Route 66" As October Dawns: Our Monthly FEMA Watch

      In this Edition: Take Control in 1, 2, 3: Introducing the FEMA Disaster Preparedness Guide for Older Adults 5 Ways the Rehabilitation Act Shapes FEMA Kentucky Residential and Community Saferoom Training for Registered Design Professionals FEMA Releases the Business Operations Center Guide for Private-Public Partnerships FEMA Announces $12M in Competitive Awards for Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grants FEMA Announces Fiscal Year 2023 Continuing Training Grants Upcoming Deadlines and Reminders Important Deadlines & Reminders Attend the last  Protecting Places of Worship National Weeks of Action Webinar. FEMA and FCC Conduct Nationwide Emergency Alert Test at 2:20 p.m. ET. Application submissions close for the  FY23 Cybersecurity grant opportunities for state and local governments. Comment Period Closes for the  Fire Management Assistance Grant Program Data Collection Take Control in 1, 2, 3: Introducing the FEMA Disaster Preparedness Guide for Older Adults   This September