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On Our Final "Virtual Route 66" For February 2024: A Reminder on Insanity & Thoughts on AI

    We present the following Thoughts on AI as we look forward to the continued privilege to serve: AI in 2024: My Top 5 Concerns & Top 5 Hopes   As we start the new year, are you fearful or hopeful about AI?    Do you believe AI will lead us towards abundance or devastation?   During   my upcoming Abundance Summit in March ,  we’ll be discussing these and other questions as part of what I’m calling “The Great AI Debate.”   In today’s blog, let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons to be fearful about AI in 2024, and the top 5 reasons to be hopeful. On the whole, I remain convinced that AI is the single most important technology we’ve ever created—and one that has the greatest potential to uplift humanity.     Top 5 Reasons to be Fearful…   #1 – The 2024 US Presidential Election (“Patient Zero”) The potential for AI-driven electoral interference looms large. Eight years ago, Cambridge Analytica spent millions to target political advertising and influence voter opinions in the 2016 US

On Our Virtual Route 66 This Week: On @FEMA Watch

  While on the prowl, our team captured the latest FEMA Bulletin as we look forward to the continued privilege to serve:     In this Edition: FEMA Celebrates Black History Month DHS Secretary Mayorkas Visits FEMA Staff Supporting Super Bowl LVIII FEMA Updates Mitigation Action Portfolio FEMA Seeks Comments on Simplified Homeowner Flood Insurance Form to Improve Customer Experience FEMA Hosts Webinar Series Connecting the Exercise Cycle and Continuous Improvement Process Nonprofit Security Grant Program Webinar Series FEMA Welcomes New Small State and Rural Advocate Patricia Pudwill Help Recruit Summer Interns from HBCUs and Minority Serving Institutions #WinterReady Extreme Cold Summit Video FEMA Blog: 4 Preparedness Valentine Cards to Give Your Loved Ones This Year Upcoming Deadlines and Reminders Important Deadlines & Reminders Virtual BRIC National Review Panel Application Closes to be Considered as a Panelist.  Public Comment Period on DHS's Environmental Justice Program Cl