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#LifeIntheAgeofCorona: As We Go Dark Through The End of the Quarter....

As we go dark for the quarter throughout our properties, we curated the #RandomThoughts above which we hope is inspiring to all. As we are all dealing with #LifeIntheAgeofCorona, We hereby present this simple reminder courtesy of USA.GOV as we implore all to visit the  World Health Organization  and the  Centers For Disease Control    for the latest information--our team will continue its' daily updates on our Twitter Corner and the latest on Demand live broadcast featuring SkyNews: Cleaning Hands Helps Prevent the Spread of Germs Regular handwashing is one of the best ways to remove germs, avoid getting sick, and prevent the spread of germs to others. Be sure to wash before and after certain activities to reduces the spread of diarrheal and respiratory illness. Follow five simple and effective steps: Wet Lather Scrub Rinse Dry Learn more about when and how to wash your hands, the importance of using soap and water, and what you ca

Notations On Our World (Special Edition): On #CoronaVirus

As we went to press, the World Health Organization has declared the CoronaVirus #COVID19 a Pandemic--We present this from the WHO instagram as we also wanted to share some key simple reminders to do all one can to stay safe--this guidance will be available daily thru the Week-End daily on each of our platforms:

Notations On Our World (Special Edition): On the #CoronaVirus #COVD-19

Our team has been on the prowl re: The Corona Virus.   Our Healthcare Agency provided the following guidance which we will feature throughout our Platforms for the week--although it is directed at those of us who call Orange County Home, it is still critical for all to be aware of:  The  County of Orange has declared a local emergency  and a local health emergency to prepare for COVID-19, commonly known as novel coronavirus. The declaration of both a local emergency and local health emergency assists the County of Orange to better leverage resources in order to prepare to our staffing needs and greater agency coordination all while allowing for future reimbursement for County activities by state and federal governments in the event of an COVID-19 outbreak in Orange County. While there has been only one confirmed case in Orange County and that individual has recovered, the OC Health Care Agency continues to engage and monitor the rapidly changing worldwide response to