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Getting Better (Remastered 2009)


Out & About re Natural Disasters....

    "What Happens to Us?" Film Series Highlights Challenges Vulnerable Communities Face in Preparing for Natural Disasters Listos California's  short film series, "What Happens to Us?" details the unique challenges vulnerable communities face in responding to and preparing for natural disasters. They help us strengthen local relationships, promote empathy and build awareness and understanding   These films - and the conversations they inspire - provide a platform for Californians to communicate the barriers they face in getting prepared. The following films feature the voices of Californians.   As the work of Listos California and its partners continues to demonstrate, it is only after understanding these challenges that we can work together with local partners to overcome these obstacles and build more resilient communities. Voices of Native Americans in California: This new film being released today, created by artist, filmmaker and social entrepreneur  Michae