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#RandomThoughts On This #Thanksgiving2019

Our Esparanza Initiative continues its' planning process to launch during Q1 2019 next year.    Our Initiative is in line with the admonition from Ted Turner, the Founder of CNN.    We have been witness to fires, hurricanes and other calamities like never before which requires us to be educated.  Part of this is the advent of Smart Cities--we released guidance on it in the Daily Outsider Visions Property that we hereby present here as well. Happy Thanksgiving & Best Wishes to all!! Each week alone, an estimated 1.3 million people move into cities, driving urbanization on an unstoppable scale.  By 2040, about two-thirds of the world’s population will be concentrated in urban centers. Over the decades ahead, 90 percent of this urban population growth is predicted to flourish across Asia and Africa. Already, 1,000 smart city pilots are under construction or in their final urban planning stages across the globe, driving forward countless visions of the future.

Notations From the Grid (Weekly Edition): ON FEMA

Please review and share comments with FEMA: Private Sector Advisory FEMA Releases Publication 1: We Are FEMA November 20, 2019 Today, FEMA  released the third edition of  Publication 1  (Pub 1) and invites the whole community, including individuals and organizations, to read the new publication to better understand our mission and role in emergency management. “Pub 1 is FEMA’s capstone doctrine, and explains the story of  who we are, why we are here, what we do, and how we do it,” said Acting FEMA Administrator Pete Gaynor.  “ It unites us in our purpose because together, we are FEMA.” FEMA has a dynamic workforce comprised of different backgrounds and identities that strengthens our ability to help, relate, and support others during adversity. We face the unknown.  We have a distinct role shaped by unpredictable and ever-evolving threats and hazards. We are a team.  We unite to make a difference in the lives of others. We are leaders.  W

Notations From the Grid (Special W-End Edition): On the #CaliforniaFires

As we went to press, our home State of California was burning.   We decided to choose this courtesy of @TrevorNoah on the state of affairs as we pay homage to the First Respondents and keep all the victims in the line of fire in our thoughts and prayers.