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Notations On Our World (Special Edition): For Woman, Life, Liberty (Baraye) - Shervin Hajipour/Rana Mansour


On Our Virtual Route 66: On Emergency Management in Orange County & The Latest From FEMA

We here in California will be participating in the upcoming Great shakeout as we present the following on Orange County and the latest out of FEMA:  In This Issue: Ready Tips CERT & Communities Children & Disasters Financial Preparedness Important Dates Ready Tips Prepare for Earthquakes with the Great ShakeOut Earthquakes can happen anywhere without warning. So before the floor beneath you starts shaking, dishes tumble from the floor, and pictures fall from the wall, practice what you need to do to stay safe. One way to do this is joining the annual  Great ShakeOut  earthquake drill, which takes place on Thursday, October 20 this year. During earthquake drills, participants practice three basic actions that can keep them safe: Drop, cover, and hold on. Here’s how to practice these actions: Drop  where you are, onto your hands and knees. This position protects you from being knocked down and reduces your chances of being hit by falling objects. Cover  your head and neck with on

On Our Virtual Route 66 As as New Quarter Dawns: On Being Prepared

 As a new month is before us, our team reflected upon the month that was as September was National Preparedness Month as we present a look back especially as Florida and South Carolina were hit hard due to Hurricanes:   National Preparedness Month Each month, we shine a spotlight on notable observances, anniversaries, and historical events. In this newsletter, we'll cover National Preparedness Month and explore data about emergency management and response. Learn More