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Out & About in Our World: On America's Response to the #Coronavirus

Coronavirus Pandemic: Whole-of-America Response Greetings Partners, Although our previous emails have concentrated primarily on the worship spaces, we recognize that many of you are also affiliated with religious or parochial schools. As the conventional school year winds down, there are questions about summer school and how schools may look and operate come the new school year this fall. The links below contain helpful information and resources for schools and school personnel: U.S. Dept. of Education - Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives within the Department of Education - REMS TA  (Readiness & Emergency Management for Schools) - Hazards_Threats_Biological_ Hazards.aspx#/ CDC Childcare, Schools, and Youth Programs - coronavirus/2019-ncov/ community/schools-childcare/ index.html USDA COVID-19 with particular reference to Child Nutrition Programs

Notations On Our World (Special Edition): On the #CoronaVirus #COVD-19

Our team has been on the prowl re: The Corona Virus.   Our Healthcare Agency provided the following guidance which we will feature throughout our Platforms for the week--although it is directed at those of us who call Orange County Home, it is still critical for all to be aware of:  The  County of Orange has declared a local emergency  and a local health emergency to prepare for COVID-19, commonly known as novel coronavirus. The declaration of both a local emergency and local health emergency assists the County of Orange to better leverage resources in order to prepare to our staffing needs and greater agency coordination all while allowing for future reimbursement for County activities by state and federal governments in the event of an COVID-19 outbreak in Orange County. While there has been only one confirmed case in Orange County and that individual has recovered, the OC Health Care Agency continues to engage and monitor the rapidly changing worldwide response to