On Our "Virtual Route 66" (Final Month-End Edition): On A Stoic Perspective


Our team is privileged to present A stoic sense of hope as we hope we can continue to live up to expectations--and as we look forward to the continued privilege to serve:


We can say unequivocally that Marcus Aurelius was a collector of stories regarding people’s goodness. He took the time to write these things down so he would remember them and be inspired by them, so he could model his life after them. These stories made him better, reminded him of what his most important job in life was—to be a good person and work for the common good. He was “choosing his Cato’s,” as Seneca advised, finding the models to measure himself against.

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In a recent video on the Daily Stoic YouTube Channel, Ryan Holiday shares valuable Stoic truths from acclaimed guests of The Daily Stoic Podcast, such as Matthew McConaughey, Alexander Ludvig, and Tim Ferriss:

“We have to be less impressed and more involved to give more of ourselves to our life, to our relationships, to chat in front of us, to pleasures and promises and wins and losses — be there with them.”
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In a popular episode of The Daily Stoic Podcast, Ryan Holiday speaks with author and Admiral Bill McRaven about the nature of being a Stoic, imposter syndrome when being a leader, and the proper way to judge justice:

“If you can’t convince reasonable men and women that the decisions you’ve made and the actions you’re taking are the right actions, then maybe you should rethink them.”

Listen to the full episode: Admiral Bill McRaven On Capturing Saddam Hussein And Honorable Leadership

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