On Our FInal "Virtual Route 66" For the Month

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From me:

“Whenever I've started a company ONLY to make money, it was a big mistake. I'd begin, run into challenges, and ultimately give up in frustration. Starting any successful company is always hard work, and unless it’s fully aligned with your purpose, you’ll quit before the job is done.”  [Tweet] 

From the world

“If our purpose is bigger than ourselves, we think more creatively, we're less likely to give up in the face of setbacks, and we replace feelings of anxiety with feelings of hope because we're driven by the biggest positive transformations that we can imagine.”
–  Jane McGonigal (Author, Game Designer) [Tweet]

Data-Driven Optimism

In a study conducted by the Association for Psychological Science, researchers found that within a 14 year period, participants who expressed having a sense of purpose in their life had a 15% lower risk of death as opposed to those who said they didn’t. [Tweet]

A thought exercise for the week:

For each of these questions there’s no right answer. The goal is simply to honestly evaluate your clarity on purpose, and how much you’re currently driven by a well-defined purpose.
Below are the three questions, each with three options – which option is closer to the truth for how you currently feel?:
#1) Do you know your purpose in life?
A. I have no idea what my purpose is... I have a few things I’m passionate about, but not anything that I tell people is my Purpose in life, nothing that is driving me every day. 
B. I have an inkling of what my purpose might be and am searching deeper.  I appreciate the importance of being purpose-driven, but I'll act on it once I have absolute clarity and when I have the time and money to pursue it.
C.   I am crystal clear about my purpose in life. It fuels me and is central to everything I do.
#2) Who do you hang out with?
A. The people I hang out with don’t discuss having a purpose in life, and this isn’t a driving factor for them.
B. There are only a couple of people in my life who have a well-defined purpose in their lives driving them and guiding what they do.
C.   Most of the people who are closest to me live a purpose-driven life.  They know their purpose and use it as a filter to guide their decisions and actions.
#3) Do you know your Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP)?
A. I have no idea what an MTP really is, and don’t know mine, and don’t really think I need one.
B. I generally know what an MTP is and I’m just beginning to tap into the emotional energy required to fuel my MTP. I’m excited to define my MTP and use it in my entrepreneurial life.
C.   I’m clear about my MTP and it fuels me every day. I am clear about who I am serving, and the impact I want to make through my MTP.  People close to me, and in my company know my MTP..
There are no right or wrong answers. But if you answered A or B to any of the above three questions, you may want to consider what it would take to move you towards option C in each area.

Until next week,
Peter Diamandis
Founder, author & data-driven optimist


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