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Study Links Climate Change to Wildfires
This research, published in the journal Earth's Future, uses a data set of almost 40,000 wildfires in California from the past 50 years to establish a clear link between climate change, aridity, and the increasing number of forest fires in the summer in California. The authors found the link between climate change and fall wildfires weaker than in summer, but likely to strengthen from continued warming and delayed onset of winter precipitation.
Research Finds That Atmospheric Rivers Will be a Dominant Source of California Water Resources and Flooding
A new study, published in the July 9 issue of the journal Nature Scientific Report, suggests that a new regime of wet and dry extremes is emerging in California and that the projected bolstering of extreme precipitation is likely to be caused by streams of moisture in the sky known as atmospheric rivers (ARs).
August 2019 El Niño Update: Stick a fork in it
NOAA forecasters have declared that the El Niño of 2019 has ended and neutral conditions have returned. Forecasters favor ENSO-neutral (50-55% chance) through the Northern Hemisphere winter. A return to neutral means that we will not get that predictable influence from El Niño or La Niña, but the atmosphere is certainly capable of wild swings without a push from either influence. Learn more >  
New Video on the Economic Impacts of Drought
This video, presented at the 2nd National Drought Forum, focuses on the economic impacts of drought and includes interviews with people whose livelihoods are affected by drought. The video also depicts the major drought events since the 2012 Great Plains Drought and the estimated costs of those droughts, and the accomplishments in the intervening seven years Learn more >


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